Although generally not the main goal of being organized, people appreciate the aesthetics that are recognized when items are organized. When an organizational system is attractive, people are satisfied with the organizational system. Examples and analysis of aesthetics in organization can be found below.

Structured Observation 2Edit

In our second structured observation the participant was very organized with her kitchen. She felt that a major part of her reason for keeping it organized was because she enjoyed the way that it was looked nice and was easy to find. She always put stuff back where she got it from and never wanted to see it cluttered. Aesthetics of her kitchen are very important to her.

Structured Observation 5Edit

This participant was very fond of quilting and had to keep all her quilting materials organized and in order to easily find the quilt she needed. She had many bins in which she kept all her quilts. She kept them organized by colors. She organizes them this way because she finds it visual appealing and likes the way it looks with all the bins in order and the colors are organized.

Structured Observation 6Edit

This participant is a dental hygienist and is very particular about her prophy paste when she works. Every time she works she has to have them laid out in a certain order and it is the same each time. She has the purely ordered by flavor (which has a color top, representing each color) and lays them out in the same colors of the rainbow. She enjoys the way they look and it helps her to have an organized system when she works.

Structured Observation 8Edit

This participant finds organizing her records on the computer visually appealing and organizes them so that is easy to view.

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