Structured Observation


Structured Observation



May we contact further (Y/N):


After a light introduction/ discussion on the class, and introduction to the subject about the topic of organization for the current session, ask the subject to show you or tell you about the place or thing that they are most proud of the way they have organized. (In the case of an intangible, like daily schedule that isn’t written you may not be able to be shown but otherwise, attempt to have the subject SHOW you)

Description of item/ organized system:

Location of item/system (if tangible) within house or other space:

Ask why the subject organized this item or concept the way they chose to, and ask them how they interact with it. After their response, pick a subset of what they responded and ask them to actually interact with the organized item/concept. Record what they interacted with, why (in your opinion) they organized this specific subset, and any other motivators that you feel may be at play (through your asking questions of the subject while they are interacting with the organizational space or any other insights you may have).

Why subject says they organized the item or concept:

How they interact with the chosen item or concept:

Your actual observations of interaction:

Ask the subject how often they use the space they have interacted with, and finish by asking the subject to answer the last project questions (below):

Frequency of interaction with the chosen item:

When you think of organization, what comes to mind?

How does scheduling relate to organization in your chosen example?

How does efficiency relate to organization in your chosen example?

How does ascetics relate to organization in your chosen example?

Thank the subject for their time, and ask them if you can follow up with them if they have any further questions.


Sample survey questions directed to working mothers:

Which goal do you place the highest value on when organizing in your home?



Future efficiency


How many beds are in your parent’s home?


What sizes?

__ King




How many times do you change linens on your bed in a month?

__ <1



Do you change linens on any bed other than your own?



How many times do you change linens on a bed other than your own?




How much do you enjoy changing linens?

1                                                                                                                                           7
Hate                                                                                                                                      Enjoy
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