"Smashing Old Stereotypes of 50-plus America"

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  • Lots of marketers ignore them, even though 1/3 of US pop. is over 50 yrs old
  • Need to be careful about stereotypes when marketing to them
  • Good demographics info in article
  • People are keeping busier later in life… bands could save time

Baby Boomers are Moving out of the Twin Cities

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Organized Laundry Room

  • She organized her laundry room using differnet fabric bins
  • Each of the bins had a label on it to identify what was in the bin
  • Direct quote: "I needed my laundry closet to have some sort of appeal to me, since I stand there and fold clothes and don’t have a window or anything nice to look at." --- Astetics of the laundry room are important!
  • Overall, the message of the article was that things needed to be easy to get to, time-saving, and have astetics appeal.
    Laundry room

    Laundry Room organization system

Linen Closets and Coat Closets
Linen closet

This article was about a woman's linen closet. The picture to the left shows her current linen closet. Some of her observations were:

  • There really weren't any linens in the linen closet!

She then asked for input from people on what to do about the linen closet. The following are some of the comments:

  • My only linen closet dilema is keeping Simon (my cat) from sliding the door open
  • I have limited linen closet space too. I have started keeping sheet sets underneath everyone's mattresses! They are out of the way, stay folded and neat, and are right there when I'm ready to change linens. Work great!
  • Our house is small and our linen closet/clothes closet are the same, and our boardgames took up most of the space.

Breaking behavior repetition: new insights on the role of habits and intentions


  • Future behavior is predicted by both past behavior and habits. Habits are not necessarily routine past behavior… but an action that automatically occurs, even if someone may not be fully conscious or aware of the repeat behavior (such as folding bed sheets and storing them in the closet).
  • There is an opportunity to intervene during dramatic changing points in someone’s life – such as when someone moves or buys their first house, in our linen bands case. This would be the best (and possibly only realistic) chance of getting someone to change their linen organizing habits.
  • New habits need to be realistic, good solutions. In this case Karyn’s bands likely would be more efficient once people actually start using them. This would not be a problem then if people were able to break their old habits.

Key quotes from the article:

ShopKo remakes bed and bath - household linens department - Special Supplement: Home Market Trends


Quick Summary

In 2000 ShopKo was looking to compete more within the household linens industry and expand on their product offerings. It goes on to mention that the target market for ShopKo linens is women in their 30's who has a family. We used this information to help create our target market in which we conducted our structured observations of.

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