Example of Home Made Linen Band

End of video clip shoes how others are using cheap alternatives to organizaing their linens. But this also shoes that there is a need for people ot keep their linens organized!

Link to video.

Target Market Research

Because in our project we were focusing on organization, we did very brief secondary research to discover a target market. We felt our primary research purpose was to find what a target market valued when thinking of organization. Due to several findings, we selected a target market of women between the ages of 35 and 54. One article we found was for laundromats, which we felt was relevant because the bed bands were supposed to be used after doing laundry. The article stated "Your average customer is a 37-year-old woman with children." The article is available here:

ShopKo remakes bed and bath - household linens department - Special Supplement: Home Market Trends


Quick Summary

In 2000 ShopKo was looking to compete more within the household linens industry and expand on their product offerings. It goes on to mention that the target market for ShopKo linens is women in their 30's who has a family. We used this information to help create our target market in which we conducted our structured observations of.

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